User-Generated Content

Happy customers are your best brand advocates, so encourage them to do the talking.

Our UGC platform allows your customers to effortlessly interact with your brand by uploading imagery, writing a review, or creating unique content.


Competitions are the traditional method for gaining exposure and increasing sales, and for good reason: they have a proven track record.

Our experience in this field paves the way for a successful campaign, as we offer a range of competition mechanisms ranging from the simplest free prize draw to the more complex cross-channel and loyalty-led promotions.

SMS Interact

SMS is still the most common phone interaction, so why not embrace it. We enable your consumers to communicate and interact with your brand at the point of contact, even when 3G coverage is patchy.

Use this service for data capture, marketing, promotional discount codes or as an initial entry point. We handle all the legal and reporting so you can focus on the results.

Survey Platform

The best market research can often be gleaned from your existing customers. Surveys shouldn’t be painful; they should be interactive, informative, and fun.

We enable you to create a limitless array of questions in a whole range of formats, which can be arranged and grouped any way you like. Our platform provides graphical insight and meaningful analysis, and can even identify trends.

Live Event Feeds

Bring your event into the social age. Our event service seamlessly seeks and pulls in content from around the internet and conveniently displays it all in one place.

This user generated insight can be hosted within a module on your site, worked into a social micro site or pulled in live on screens at the event.

Social Integration

Our platform facilitates the push and pull of content between your promotion to social media, so you can harness the power of this medium and spread your message to a larger audience.

It also utilises SN login in so you can leave the hassle of account management and security to others and ease your customer journey to your promotion.

Awareness Builder

Give your customer a fun and interactive experience as they learn about your latest developments, brand, or aims.

We can quiz them along the way, and even reward them as your benefits are explained. This is perfect if you're launching a new product, need to create awareness of an issue, or change behaviour.

Real-Time Voting

When you need to know what your consumers are thinking, (and when don’t you?) ask them!

Next time you are running a poll, let us provide the technology and worry about the fairness, whilst you focus on the results. We provide instant graphical results, anti-fraud measures, optional data capture, and SMS voting.

Casual Gaming

Casual games are a great way to forge a long-lasting consumer relationship: a well-crafted, simple to play but difficult to master experience will generate hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay, and can only increase brand awareness.

Good games also have a tendency to ‘go viral’ which can exponentially increase gameplay. Our games are designed to subtly but fairly promote our clients and ensure the highest possible return.

Mobile Compatibility

You cannot afford to ignore mobile. Your customers are no longer tied to their desktops, so they expect to be able to engage on the move with no impact on presentation or functionality.

Our mobile offering ensures that any campaign we support is fully compatible with an ever-growing range of smartphones and tablet devices. Additionally, we can optimize any element of your campaign to fully utilize the guests’ device.

Online Advertising

Appropriate and targeted online advertising can deliver exceptional results. However, simply driving traffic may not get the sales conversions you require so it's important to set attainable goals and work your campaign around them.

Our experience allows us to advise you on what will work best and then plan, execute and tweak your campaign to maximise your results. We are well versed with all of the major platforms (Google Adword, Facebook, LinkedIn) and create all of our Rich Media banner creative in house, helping to ensure maximum exposure!